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Our school offers scholarships for PhD projects in Functional Materials Science which are carried out in co-supervision between universities from two different countries (see list of partners). In most projects an industry partner is also involved. The PhD candidates must spend at least 6 months in each university. The projects start around October and take 3-4 years. For more details see under ’Key Elements of PhD’s’.

The European Union finances each year a number of ERASMSUS MUNDUS (EM) scholarships in our school, and there are two categories of scholarships:

  • EM Category A: (5+1 [1] scholarships in 2012) Candidates from countries outside of the "EU+", who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years inside the "EU+". EXCEPTION: Third country candidates who have received an ERASMSUS MUNDUS masters scholarship.
  • EM Category B: (3 scholarships in 2012) Everybody else (most "EU [2]+" based students). For Category B candidates, the two countries of PhD work must be different from the country in which the doctoral candidate has obtained his/her last university degree.
  • LF: In addition our school offers PhD scholarships funded by other sources (industry, universities, governments, etc, projects labelled ’LF’). For these scholarships there are no general limitations on nationality or residence.
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The general condition for all categories is that the applicant has, or will have at the start of his/her PhD, a Master or equivalent university degree in Materials Science or a related field. (therefore students in the final year of their Master/Diploma course are eligible, but they must provide proof of enrolment in their application) You will also need sufficient knowledge of English language.

The application and selection procedure is handled online via this website. In order to apply, you must first of all register, using the ’Register’ option under the LOGIN menu (bottom left). If there is no Register link, the registration is closed.

The new call is now open, application deadline will be 10. February 2014.

Once registered, you will receive an email with a confirmation link which you must open to activate your login. You will then be able to login and file your application. Note that you can login several times to complete your application, as long as you respect the deadline.

You application consists of an online application form, and several documents which you must submit as pdf files by uploading to the website: CV, Motivation letter, Master Diploma or proof of enrolment, two reference letters, and eventually proof of English skills. You must press the SUBMIT button in order to validate your application.

You will find more detailed instructions once logged in. A FAQ page and a helpdesk are also available for registered users.

[1] ("+1" means: one scholarship is reserved for Western Balkan Countries and Turkey)

[2] ("EU+" means 27 EU countries plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein)