Know-How &Tools

One of the aims of EMMI is sharing of complementary know-how and equipment, both between our member laboratories and researchers, and with external partners.

In order to identify available Skills and Instruments, the EMMI website offers you three online databases which aim to represent the "knowledge pool" available in EMMI:

1. The database "People and Skills" contains data on EMMi’s researchers, including scientific skills and interests, and key publications. (Contact details are available only to logged in users.)

2. The database "Research Equipment and Tools" is a collection of 150 instruments and 10 software tools available at EMMI labs. Many of these instruments have rare or even unique features. The database describes the technical specifications, home-made add-on’s, and specific know-how available at the laboratory. Access conditions and contact details are also included.

3. The database Search Materials Science (SMS) a search page which relates materials properties and measurement techniques, gives a overview over each technique and and proposes links to more detailed tutorials and resources.

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