In order to initiate new collaborations EMMI has launched clusters of PhD projects on selected topics.

At the core of this initiative is IDS-FunMat, the International Doctoral School in Functional Materials, with its 9 university partners.

The PhD clusters is formed from new and existing IDS-FunMat projects, but also from other partners and resources.

All PhD candidates are under co-supervision.

Each cluster is chaired by one or two senior scientists, but the collaboration is mainly driven by the PhD students and their supervisors.

Frequent visits between partners, and informal discussion meetings, including external expert speakers are organised.

Six clusters have been launched today :

  • Materials for Photocatalysis (W. Jaegermann; E. Prouzet)
  • Transparent conducting Materials (A. Klein, D. Bellet)
  • Metamaterials (P. Barois)
  • Materials for Nanomedicine (A. Jonas, BE; M.C. Durrieu)
  • Criticality of Metal Resources (G. Sonnemann, A. Reller )
  • Materials theory and modelling (Ph. Ghosez, F. Remacle)
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