Employement, fees & salaries

In IDS-FunMat, some PhD projects are funded by ERASMUS MUNDUS (labelled EM), and some are funded by other agencies (projects labelled LF for Local Funding).

All Fellowship holders will receive employment contracts by their ’home’ university, including social security cover. Furthermore, each candidate will conclude a Doctoral Candidate Agreement with BOTH supervising universities and the coordinator. The PhD candidates will be enrolled at both supervising universities and, if successful, will receive a double PhD degree.

However, the salaries and other benefits vary between funding agencies.

The Erasmus Mundus Fellowships include a monthly gross salary (including employers’ contributions) of 2800 Euros, paid for a maximum of 36 months. The net salary will depend on national taxes and social security contributions.

Furthermore, the Erasmus Mundus Agency pays a "Fixed contribution to the doctoral candidate participation" of 600 Euros per month, this sum is fully claimed by IDS-FunMat as enrolment fee. This fee includes all mandatory local fees at the two supervising universities. As a result, ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship holders don’t pay any (compulsory) fees themselves.

Finally, the Erasmus Mundus Fellowship includes under certain conditions financial support for travel and installation to the candidates:
- 7500 Euros for Category A candidates
- 3000 Euros for Category B candidates if there is travel to 3rd countries foreseen (in IDS-FunMat this applies if University of Waterloo in Canada is one of the supervising universities) This sum is paid out to the candidates in three instalments at the beginning of the first, second and third year, respectively.

Locally Funded Scholarships: For PhD projects which are NOT funded by ERASMUS MUNDUS, the candidate’s salary and payable fees will vary depending on local funding agencies.