Post-Doc open position in Caen (France)

In the frame of the recently funded MEET (Materials for Energy Efficiency in Transportation) Interreg project, a 1 year postdoctoral position is available at “CNRT Matériaux” (UMS3318) in Caen, France.

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In the automotive field, structure lightening is a key parameter in order to limit fuel use and consequently increase energetic efficiency of the vehicle. This is obtained by the design of new materials which can be lighter than the actual technological solutions after processing and at the same level of performance. The properties concerned are mainly the thermomechanical properties (toughness, stiffness, strength) on the temperature range relevant for the targeted application, but some other physical properties such as thermal or electrical conductivities can also be concerned. Following this trend, metallic pieces tend to be replaced by polymer based composites materials, and glass or carbon fibre composites by natural fibre composites or by nanocomposites. A good understanding of the properties of these hybrid materials cannot be obtained without a comprehensive study of their structure particularly at the interfaces between the various phases and by its correlation with the macroscopic properties.