Research Fields

EMMI is active in multifunctional materials research.

Our research activities in functional materials include the main following topics dealing with :

multiferroics polymers heterogeneous catalysis
ferroelectrics coatings photocatalysis
piezoelectrics solid state ionics photovoltaics
photoactive materials biomaterials nano-materials
sensors and actuators composites metamaterials
magnetism optics transparent conductors
  • At the origin of our network was the idea to bring together the research communities of functional ceramics and organic-inorganic hybrid materials. This combination has resulted in many interesting ideas and projects, for example ferroelectric polymers and ferroelectric nanograins in hybrid ORMOCER® layers.
  • Equally fruitful is the collaboration between experimentalists and experts in computer modelling, in particular modelling of size-driven properties in nano-objects.
  • As is most of today’s materials science, EMMI’s research is characterised by its interdisciplinarity, with research from backgrounds in medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, electronics engineering and other disciplines.
  • In many of our projects environmental issues play an important role. New materials and devices can lead to reduced power consumption, replace toxic components, allow development of hyper-sensitive gas sensors etc.
  • Scarcity and possible future shortages of key elements used in modern technology becomes one of the most imminent challenges of modern materials science. New materials that enable replacement of rare elements by more abundant ones that have comparable or better functionalities tan those currently used must be developed. This aspect is now included in both Education and Research Strategy of EMMI!”

EMMI covers a large range of techniques in materials processing, for example :

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  • thin film deposition
  • sol-gel processing
  • plasma technologies
  • surface modification
  • polymerisation
  • self assembly technologies
  • nano-powders
  • supercritical fluids
  • ... and others