Grants for FAME Master Students.

Third-country students can apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarship (max 48.000 € for 2 years, awarded by the Master consortium). This request procedure is included in the FAME Master Application Form.

European students are also eligible for Erasmus Mundus scholarships as of 2010 (Up to 20.000 € for 2 years, provided the student spends 2 years in 2 countries different from his/her home university country.

Those who do not get this grant can apply for other grants such as Erasmus/Socrates. This action should be done separately from the FAME Erasmus Mundus application procedure.

Selected candidtates can get a sponsoring thanks to the support of the FAME Master full and associate Partners.

Grants for scholars.

Third-country scholars can apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarship (from 2400 € for a 2-week stay to 14.400 € for a 3-month stay).

Please contact the FAME Master Project Manager for any general question and the local university partner for specific questions.

For further details about application, please see the 3rd-country Teacher/Researchers Section and Teacher/Researchers application page.