EMMI Databases

This EMMI databases provide you with a search page for:

1. The database "People and Skills"
- which contains data on EMMi’s researchers, including scientific skills and interests, and key publications. (Contact details are available only to logged in users.)

2. The database "Research Equipment and Tools"
- which contains a collection of 150 instruments and 10 software tools available at EMMI labs. Many of these instruments have rare or even unique features. The database describes the technical specifications, home-made add-on’s, and specific know-how available at the laboratory. Access conditions and contact details are also included.

3. The database Search Materials Science (SMS)
- which contains a search page and relates materials properties and measurement techniques, gives a overview over each technique and proposes links to more detailed tutorials and resources.

Use the EMMI database submenu to access this page.

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